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NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a comprehensive set of skills for personal growth and professional development including verbal and non-verbal communication, psychology, language, modeling, strategic thinking, and perception.

These skills are known as “the difference that makes the difference” in achieving excellence both at work and at home. Applying what you learn in NLP Training is guaranteed to dramatically improve the quality of your communication and your thinking.

Lindagail Campbell is an internationally acclaimed Master NLP Trainer, consultant, mentor, and coach with over 26 years experience. She teaches NLP, Storytelling, and Presentation Mastery in Portland, Oregon, and Guadalajara, Mexico, and leads an annual Storytelling Tour in Ireland and Wales.

Lindagail is an expert in verbal and nonverbal communication and an approved CEU provider. Since 1992, over 10,000 people have attended her popular and dynamic classes across the U.S. and Internationally. Her coaching, consulting, mentoring clients include well-known authors, TEDtalks presenters, leaders in Fortune 50 companies, and government organizations. Lindagail is well-known for her warm style, expert abilities, and for achieving top results.

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