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The Aligned Self
ntroducing NLP
Resolving Phobias and Traumas
Strategies of Genius

4.5 - day Trainings Open to All
Trainer Training

8 - day Training, Open to All
NLP For Helping Professionals

16 - day NLP Training: Open to All
NLP Personal Mastery Training

Advanced Training: Prerequisite, NLP Coach - Practitioner Certification
NLP Master Practitioner

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Step up the quality of your presentations by learning how to add stories in order to:

  • Access resourceful learning states in your opening
  • Wrap up your presentation with an experience your audience will remember
  • Illustrate and illuminate the material you are presenting
  • Pace and lead your audience
  • Shift your listener's emotional state
  • Entertain
  • Reach your listener's long-term memory
  • Help your listener's suspend disbelief
  • Embed the learning
  • Trigger a solution to a problem
  • Entertain
  • Be respectfully indirect
  • Reach the listener's unconscious mind
  • Switch the listener to the right side of their brain
  • Touch their heart

"I have learned that the head does not know anything until the heart has listened, and what the heart knows today, the head will understand tomorrow."
~ James Stephens, "A Crock of Gold"


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