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Learn what the most successful people know, say, and do plus how to deal with difficult people, clarify and achieve your goals, and speak the language of leadership. There’s more: systems thinking, timing, nonverbal communication, negotiating like a pro, conversational metaphor, and influencing with integrity. You will learn practical skills you can use right away that lead you to greater prosperity and lasting positive changes!

The training begins with "people skills" and fascinating and in-depth tour of the three learning styles: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

Discover your style and consider how it is woven into to every area of your life; relating to others, managing stress, making decisions, business dealings, and risk-taking. The “art of connection” teaches how to read the cues from others, determine their communication style, tailor your language to meet them, and creating good rapport, even in challenging situations.

You’ll learn the power of nonverbal communication, the masks of perception, positive language patterns, and states of excellence. The "language of influence," developed by world-renowned Dr. Milton Erickson, enhances your communication in business, sales, and personal relationships. Through self-study, you’ll be able to recognize your "blind spots" and learn multiple ways to minimize or eliminate them. Psycho-geography will reveal how physical proximity affects your interactions, enabling you to recognize cues and make necessary adjustments to maximize your interactions and avoid difficulties as you get top results. This is particularly relevant to business communications.

Each richly experiential weekend brings fun, new friends, and exciting strategies for building confidence, negotiating like a pro, transforming criticism into valuable feedback, defeating old patterns of self-sabotage, taming undermining internal voices that have been holding you back, being a better speller, responding in a new way in a challenging situation, learning a new skill or action, and modeling an expert.

Some of the best-known NLP techniques come next: changing personal history, the rewind technique for resolving fears, trauma, and phobias, resolving internal conflict, understanding a symptom as communication from yourself, and anchoring, a technique for giving you rapid access to positive states of mind.

Become adept at taking multiple points of view to provide more possibilities. Review difficult events from past events to "tape edit" the sights and sounds to ensure a better outcome in the future. Learn the tools peak performance consultants employ to facilitate, mediate differences, and find agreement. Learn the psychological processes Olympic athletes use to set new records.

Whether you are looking for tools for a better life at home, at work, in your community, personally or professionally, during a transition at any stage of life, you'll find them in this training.

Continuing Education Credit: This training is approved by National Association of Social Workers for CEUs. Other professional organizations also grant CEUs for this course. Contact your organization directly to confirm.

Tax advantages: Participants often find their tuition to be 100% tax-deductible as a business or continuing education expense. Check with your tax preparer or the IRS to confirm.

Your Decision to take NLP Training is a very important one. It is a decision that will have lasting and positive effects on your life and the lives of those around you.

Most people come to NLP training with a list of areas of their lives they want to improve and enrich, and leave with much more than solutions. They gain the ability to create continuous growth and improvement through out their lives. The skills of NLP are generative.

In this training you will gain information and new perspectives. You will meet many people and form lasting friendships; you will learn many things about yourself and engage in activities that enrich your life.

If you are unable to attend a portion of the training, we will help you organize a study group with your classmates to make up the missed material. In addition, if this training is offered the next year, (it has been offered since 1993) you are welcome to the live the live training the next year to make up the days you missed.

The learning environment: The training is a lively blend of presentation, demonstration, practice, and written notes. Working in small groups, you will apply, refine, and integrate the skills and patterns you will be learning. Our goal is for these new abilities to become a comfortable and integral part of your daily life. A 200+ page manual is included with the full 16-day course.

Your classmates: People drawn to this work come from a variety of backgrounds and professions. They are a vibrant learning community, ranging in past years from ages 17–79. Many participants are professionals who want to continue to advance their careers. Others describe themselves as “regular people” who want to be better parents, enjoy closer loving relationships, and make increasingly better life choices. They value learning and growing and understand that by doing so, they will improve their life and the lives of those around them. They share an interest in communication, leadership, psychology, language, coaching, education, the helping professions, personal growth, learning, mind/body connection, creativity, and mental, emotional, and physical health.

As you consider taking this step, you may want to think carefully about the aspects of your life you want to change and transform, and which ones you want to keep the same or enrich.

Most people come to NLP training with a list of areas of their lives they want to improve, and leave with much more than solutions-they gain the ability to create continuous growth and improvement through out their lives.

In this training you will gain information and new perspectives. You will meet many people and form lasting friendships; you will learn many things about yourself and engage in activities that enrich your life.

Tuition Reimbursement or Sponsorship: Your employer may pay for your training. Many companies provide financial support to their employees for their professional development. The next three paragraphs are for your approval manager at work.

Employee Reimbursement: Many companies sponsor their employees to bring these skills back to the workplace.

At the NLP Institute of Oregon, we realize that productive and effective employees require solid skills that adapt easily to the rapidly changing world of business. Good technical knowledge just isn't enough in today's marketplace. Quality communication and strategic thinking are essential.

Join companies like AT&T, Microsoft, Kodak, NIKE, the United States Forest Service, Gripsack, Boeing, Wells Fargo Bank, Bon neville Power, the US Navy, Hewlett-Packard, non-profits, community activist groups and others who understand the value of these skills and have sponsored their employees to complete this training. Some choose to pay the tuition directly and others reimburse the employee when the program is complete.

We focus on building skills. Our training is interactive, with many exercises and role-plays to teach participants the "how" of great communication and personal effectiveness. Behavioral acquisition is our objective. It works. We guarantee it. Your firm will reap the benefits.


"NLP Training is the best investment in self-improvement in my personal life and in my business that I have ever made."
-Jane Rhode, Mom and Consultant, Portland, OR

"Lindagail's NLP Training is priceless."
-Jonah Ford, Investor, Ashland, OR

"Do yourself a favor and take Lindagail's NLP Training. The benefits are far-reaching and profound both personally and professionally." -Harold Simmons, Husband, Father, and Business Owner, Denver, CO

"Lindagail's training was key for us in developing the abilities of our staff."
- Richard Magnason, Kennedy Space Center, Florida

"This is a world-class training. Gain from Lindagail's 20 years teaching NLP across the U.S. and Internationally. Experience for yourself why students say Lindagail's NLP Training is a life-changing experience."
-Rebecca Jackson, CEO, San Francisco, CA

"If there were an NLP Olympics, Lindagail would get the gold!" -Robert L. Spencer, M.A., Therapist and Author, Boise, ID

"With what I learned in this course, I negotiated a 50% raise, improved my marriage, and have lost 30 pounds! Thank you Lindagail!"
-Jason Thatcher, Husband and Father, Seattle, WA

“NLP is about being a clear and powerful communicator.-Sylvia McSkimming, R.N., Ph.D. Portland, Oregon

"Lindagail's teachings helped me find my way to the new career I was looking for."
- Ellis McCarthy, West Sussex, England

"Lindagail is known as one of the finest international NLP Trainers. How lucky for us she is right here in the Pacific Northwest." -Bradley Melville, Western Oregon University

"Thank you for sharing your inspiring teaching strategies and your passionate stories. My employee came back wide-eyed with new skills, thoughts and inner peace. He will be a better supervisor, leader and coach for our interpretive staff at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The windows of opportunities that you opened, Lindagail, will benefit my whole staff, the park and our 1.6 million visitors this year."
- Jim Gale, Ranger, Hawaii National Park


Taught by Lindagail Campbell except where otherwise noted.

How taking this training will benefit you.


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