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NLP Master Practitioner Training

Dates to be Announced

Portland, OR

Attain the Advanced Skills, Perceptions,
and Artistry of the NLP Master Practitioner


16 days of New and Advanced Material including:

  • Conversational NLP: Maximizing your influence with integrity using advanced language patterns
  • Timelines: heal the past, create the future, live in the present
  • Changing beliefs that have been holding you back
  • Re-imprinting key events to resolve past difficulties
  • Modeling those you admire: the structure of NLP
  • NLP Patterns for Health and Well-being
  • Detecting nine important patterns in language (your own and others) and know how to respond to reach the desired outcome


Fall 2018 - Spring 2019


You Will Learn:
Changing Limiting Beliefs:

Bring to conscious awareness what you believe you are capable of, what you believe you are worthy of, and what you believe is possible. Learn how to uncover and change limiting beliefs that have been unconsciously keeping you from getting or doing what you really want. Empower yourself with supporting beliefs for your health, family, love, work, and financial well-being.


Discover how you currently “code” time internally, how profoundly it affects your life, and how to make ecological changes to better support your outcomes. You will learn to elicit and change timelines for increased achievements, satisfaction, and balanced past/future orientation. Identify the events that resulted in your beliefs, both empowering and limiting. Timeline processes include Re-Imprinting, the Re-Decision Strategy and Creating a Compelling Future.

Health and Well-Being:

Employ the latest NLP techniques to empower your mind/body connection for generative change. Learn how to transform grief and loss into a sense of peace and deep connection. Discover the joy of “giving back the hook” in the powerful healing process of forgiveness. Get the latest developments in mind-body medicine, including neutralizing allergic responses and retraining your immune system for optimal health.


These most fundamental personal filters affect all experiences in your life. Learn to detect and respond to these patterns known as “the basis of personality,” enabling you to understand and appreciate yourself and others in a new way.

The S.C.O.R.E. model:

(Symptom, Cause, Outcome, Resource, and Effect). Learn systematic thinking strategies to organize information in ways that enable you to view the scale and scope of a presenting problem and find the missing resources.

Language and Behavior Profile:

Maximize your influence by learning the LAB profile. Discover the six motivation triggers people need to get excited and take action. Learn what to say and how to say it for crucial conversations when the stakes are high.By learning to listen for these patterns, you can easily detect a person’s motivation strategy from their language and know how to respond in a way that help them achieve their goals. Solve communication problems and learn how to present ideas to skeptical people.

Advanced Language Patterns:

Learn to foster change and broaden understanding through your choice of words. Experience the dramatic effect of creating conversational change through the words you speak. Patterns, including shifting the focus of a conversation from blame to positive intent, re-framing the meaning of an event or behavior, shifting a present problem into the past, tuning in to limiting presuppositions and many more. Learn to easily track over 65 indicators that are revealed when a person speaks!

The learning environment:
We provide state-of-the-art accelerated learning. The training includes presentation, demonstration, practice, written notes and a 160+ page manual. Working in small groups, you will apply, refine, and integrate the skills and patterns you will be learning, making them a natural part of yourself. Our goal is for these new abilities to become a productive, practical and powerful part of your daily life.

If you are unable to attend a portion of the training:
We will help you organize a study group with your classmates to make up the material missed, plus direct you to reading suggestions on the topics covered. In addition, if this training is offered again, you will be welcome to make up the portion you missed in that training.

14 days of training in any of the following: NLP Practitioner Training, NLP Coach - Practitioner Training, or NLP Personal Mastery, with Lindagail or another NLP training organization.

If you did your training somewhere other than the with Lindagail, please e-mail Lindagail a list of your trainers and number of days in your training to be sure this Master Practitioner Training is a good match for you.

Participants in this Master Practitioner Training will need a foundation in the basics skills, perceptions, and presuppositions of NLP in order to be prepared for the content and processes in Master Practitioner Training. Please contact Lindagail if you have questions about this or would like help in any way to make this work for you.

Missing some days of your NLP training to qualify for Masters?
Contact Lindagail to make arrangements so you will be able to attend Master Practitioner Training.

SAVE 30% Are you already certified as an NLP Master Practitioner?
Would you like to update, refresh, renew your skills, enjoy the change work and participate in this learning community? If you have been in Lindagail's Master Practitioner Training within the past 15 years NLP Master Practitioners and Trainers can attend for 70% tuition: $1,995.

If you were certified at Masters level by another training organization please contact Lindagail to be sure this training is a good match for you.


From Participants in This Training:

“This is the best training I’ve ever had!”
-Karen Gilbraith, Trainer

“This training is a must for anybody interested in enjoying life more fully. It is comparable to the finest gold. The attention to details, the exquisite care for the participants, and the mastery in creating a safe environment where people can learn are what made this experience unique. It is hard to find other trainers that can compare to Lindagail’s competence and mastery.”
-Maria Connolly, Licensed Therapist

“Imagine experiencing the most profoundly healing processes, month after month, which improve your outlook on life, and at the same time, learn how to help others, your family relationships, and your career. While growing, healing, and learning life skills you wish you could share with everyone you meet, there is a deep bond developed with fellow participants to last a lifetime. This is the most professional training I’ve ever attended. If only all trainers showed as much skill and caring, the world would be a better place, and we could double our ability to learn.”
-Daneen Westerberg, Consultant

“This training is an opportunity to examine one’s behavior and place in the world and make choices to learn and be the best person you want to be. I learned how to accentuate the positive and know what I want. I learned how to let go of limiting beliefs, to try out new ways in the safety and support of like-minded people. This was a completely supportive environment and a leader who practices what she teaches.”
-Kathleen MacMichael, Restaurateur

“Masters was phenomenal - life changing!”
-Melanie Ravencroft, Caregiver

“Master Practitioner Training is an experiential journey that nourishes and awakens the heart. Skills and resources are developed and taught to complement the full host of human experience to move smoothly, navigate into the future. This training was tremendous!”
~ Marie Eken,

“Masters was powerful, enlightening, and lots of fun!”
-Jonah Ford, Ford Capital Management

"This training is profound. It has changed my life many times over. It showed me ways to grow-ways I never dreamed possible. I am so glad to have taken NLP Master Practitioner Training, and so glad Lindagail was my teacher."
-Greg Doss, D.O., Lic. Acupuncturist

" I had no idea how much more I would gain from Master Practitioner training. Every month I brought back solid new abilities and techniques to use right away."
-Michael Kaibel, Engineer, Winema National Forest

"This training gave me the opportunity for so many levels of self-healing. The material and presentation is truly masterful."
-Shanti Duree, Therapist and Teacher

" My husband sees this as a skillful tool which has deepened and enhanced our communication. And professionally, my skills in working with people in crisis have escalated beyond my imagination."
~ Ginny Vinson, Women in the Workplace, US Forest Service

" I thought Practitioner Training was great! Masters has so much more! 10+++!"
-Diane LaCourse

“This fabulous training is like getting the keys to the kingdom. I thought about the question “What has changed for you since learning NLP?” The answer is “Everything.” I have a whole new skill set. It changed the way I see and experience the world, It gives me tools to coach myself and others. All this in a nurturing, loving learning environment.”
~ Tanya Thompson, Business Coach, Wellspring Direction

“This is an uber-excellent training. I learned, through Timelines, how to get where a person is coming from by their language and re-direct their attention toward what is important to them. In the Forgiveness Process, I learned that holding a grudge can erode relationships and the awareness that “forgive” does not mean “condone.” Through the Modeling Process, I learned I can influence my environment by being the change I want to see. I learned the power of “How.” Thank you for your graciousness, Lindagail.”
~ Jeff Woodruff, Redhawk Network Engineering

“As a result of this training, I have greater confidence in myself as a teacher, facilitator, and coach. I find myself modeling you, Lindagail, in my coaching and facilitation work; the respect you have for language, space, and the human spirit. You have a way of shining the light on our very best parts of people and saying to us “See what I see!?” It’s a great gift.”
~ Sherrie Frank, Vice-President, Wings Seminars

“In Masters I learned to slow down, take a breath, and to communicate better with others. I feel a sense of connection and peace with loved ones who are no longer physically present in my life. I learned about more than my “ego” perspective, that every word counts, and that first impressions are very important. This training is excellent +.”
~ Kathy Coy, Retail Clerk

“This training had wonderful fellow students, lots of great new processes, further understanding about NLP, and lots and lots of compassion. This is what a training done right looks like.”
~ Robert Bury, Businessman

“This profoundly transformative approach is more than just how to work with NLP; it changed my concepts about myself, what is possible for me, what is possible in changework, the applications of counseling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, group process, presentations, training outcomes, and more. As an exemplar, Lindagail holds herself to a standard of performance in a training setting that is the best of the best I have ever seen.”
~ Jim Kelley, Hypnotherapist

“The advanced language patterns are pure gold and I can already see my improvement as I use them.”
~ Lisa Anderson, Career Coach

“NLP is the MapQuest for the journey of living life successfully and with an element of panache through a series of successful interactions with others. Thank you for your attention to detail and your focus with each student and honoring their journey. It really shows that you care about us!”
~ Brad Brahe, Engineer, Alcoa, Inc.

“Seeing the incredible power of language was eye-opening. I have a tool to use with integrity as I detect other’s patterns of language and develop mine more skillfully. There is a lot here to continue to refine. I am excited. The walking belief change was a deeply meaningful process enabling me to securely store the old belief of unworthiness in a beautiful museum. What freedom and energy I now have! All of the vast resources of NLP were present in this training, not just in didactic form, but modeled with integrity and a compassionate heart. This holding of the circle creates safety for the process to expand and deepen at whatever level the participants are willing to go. I felt safe here. I went for it. Thank you. I am taking away a clearer more realistic picture of who I really am.”
~ Amy Trezona, R.N., Cascade Surgical Oncology Clinic

“In this training I changed a limiting belief from “I can’t” to “I can.” I can reach my goal weight. I can be on time. I can learn new concepts, behaviors, and patterns, I can run a whole marathon: 26.2 miles! The treasure hunt was a sacred and precious place. When I face criticism, I can ask myself, “What was that person’s positive intention?” have new eyes. Also, I have a new voice. One that is able to speak up in honor of myself and to validate, love, affirm, correct… it’s a gift. I hear deeper, behind what’s being said. I have become transformed into a life-long learner. I realize life holds so many possibilities.”
~ Diane Burns, Bookeeper

“Masters is excellent! As a result of this training I have more patience, more choices, more resources. The advanced language work is awesome. So much has happened in ways I’ve shifted, altered, and improved. You are a master, Lindagail, at keeping the room and experience safe: a place to learn, share, and grow. It’s been wonderful to watch you and see all the places this work goes. Who you are as a person, a teacher, a woman, your whole essence is remarkable.”
~ Shawna Schuh, Coach, Presenter, and Trainer


Taught by Lindagail Campbell

Enrollment: Space for 14.

Tuition: $2,995. Save $500 when you register and pay in full by midnight, 90 days before the training begins. $2,495 total.

Or Make Monthly Payments: $395 month for 8 months, total $3,160

Cancellation and Refund Policy: Full refund up to 30 day before the event. 50% refund up to two weeks before the event. After two weeks, no refunds, non-transferable to another person or another event. If Lindagail offers NLP Master Practitioner training in the future, you can apply 100% of tuition paid to that future training.

3 Ways to Register:

1. Phone Lindagail at 541-535-5932
to register with your Visa, Master card or Discover Card.

2. Mail your check to:
Lindagail Campbell
NLP Pacific, PO Box 999,
Lake Oswego, OR 97034

3. Paypal:

Click below to register securely online with PayPal

NLP Master Practitioner Training Tuition: $2,995. Save $500 when you register and pay in full 90 days in advance. $2,495 total


4. $395 per Month Payment Plan:
Click below to make your first of 8 payments of $395 ($3,160 total)
Lindagail will contact you to set up your automatic Visa or Mastercard payments on the first of each month for 7 more months. ($3,160 total)

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