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Certification NLP Coach - Practitioner

Attending the 16 - day NLP Personal Mastery Training will qualify you for certification as a NLP Coach - Practitioner through NLP Pacific.

The designation “Certified NLP Coach - Practitioner” indicates the participant has achieved behavioral competency with the material presented in this course: the basic communication skills, philosophy, attitude, perceptions, and change processes of
Neuro-Linguistic Programming as presented in NLP Personal Mastery Training.

The requirements for Certification as an NLP Coach - Practitioner are as follows:

1. Be present for and participate in 14 or more full days of 16-day training. Three hours is considered a half-day. You must attend days 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 13, 14, & 15, or obtain tutoring for those days by an NLP tutor approved by NLP Pacific in Seattle, Portland, Ashland, or Bend, in order to be certified. You can miss up to two of the following days and still be eligible for certification: days 7, 8, 11, 12, and 16.

You are welcome to attend and make up the portion of content you missed in a future training and get the benefit of the live classroom sessions. If the other criteria are satisfied, you can qualify for certification once you have made up the days you missed.

2. Pay your tuition in full.

3. Fill out the self-evaluation checklist and give it to Lindagail by noon on the 13th of the training so she can read it and offer you feedback if necessary before your practicum. There are two copies of the self-evaluation checklist in your manual. Fill out both and keep one copy for your reference. Lindagail will contact you if there are any areas you need to focus on in order to meet your goal of certification between the seventh Saturday and the eighth and final Saturday of the training.

4. Demonstrate your ability to establish and maintain rapport, especially with individuals whose styles are different than your own. This demonstration is ongoing, throughout the training, and specifically during the Practicum on the Friday before the close of the training.

5. Demonstrate internal state management.

6. Be able to elicit a well-formed outcome.

7. Resourcefully receive and incorporate feedback.

8. Demonstrate flexibility in your behavior and thinking.

9. Demonstrate by your behavior you understand, utilize, and model the NLP Presuppositions.

10. Bring a guest to and participate in the practicum on day 15 of the training. To be able to participate in the practicum, you must bring a guest. If something happens and your guest is not present, you are welcome to observe the process. To qualify, you will need to bring a guest. We will help you with this if needed.

11. The practicum consists of guiding someone through the process of eliciting a well-formed outcome and an appropriate patterns or processes as presented in the course, using your manual and notes. You will be working with a person whom you have yet not met until the day of the practicum.

Please feel free to contact Lindagail if you have any questions about this. The process is designed for your success, sufficient for you to know you have accomplished something significant you can be proud of, and at the same time with support and achievalbe so you can do it.

Students who complete NLP Personal Mastery Training are qualified to attend the advanced level course, "NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training."

Updated October 27, 2017, © 2017 Lindagail Campbell

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