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In Their Own Words:

From participants in

Lindagail's "Aligned Self Seminar"

"In the Aligned Self I learned tools I can use with myself and my clients to alleviate and resolve inner distress. Doing this work is a fast way to resolve deep issues and help parts of ourselves be explored and reconciled. Lindagail, I appreciate your dedication and authenticity. You remind me of a poem I love about a preacher who loved to preach, but the other loved the people he preached to. You are the latter, and what a difference it makes!”
~Hanna Jagow, Licensed Professional Counselor, Fairview, OR

“I never give a high score on feedback forms because there is always something to improve, but this is an exception. The Aligned Self is an excellent training with a top trainer. Lindagail provides a very safe and trusting environment and manages to do so even in a very large group, that's top sport. This was a great way to refuel and get back to myself.”
~Nicole Flinterman, Professional, Portland, OR

“This seminar is life-changing, a wonderful tool for transforming your life and for letting go of old wounds in a profound way. Lindagail leads with her heart and made the experience feel very loving and safe. I loved the way she explained the model.”
~Shelly Johns, Noti, OR

"This seminar was enlightening, powerful, and peaceful. I discovered things I didn't expect. I worked on a very serious issue and woke up the next morning feeling no fear. Lindagail, you were incredibly patient, clear, enlightening, and gracious. You are a wonderful educator."
-Emily Russell, Portland, OR

“The didactic is instructional and anchors the process. The demonstration was handled with great care. The best is the process itself with so much care and time given to fully experience. Lindagail, you are a Master Teacher and an inspirational person. I'm so happy to know you and have you in my life.”
~Amy Trezona, R.N. and NLP Coach, Eugene, OR

“Enlightening, clarifying, useful tools to be my own self-cleaning oven."~Tanya Thompson, Trainer, Portland, OR

"The Aligned Self is a learning process to align your beliefs and feelings with what you are actually doing and taking one emotion that is troubling and help one overcome it. It was most valuable to me to be with my family in this environment and share this experience for our future. Lindagail, you handle things beautifully. I am always wonderfully amazed at your skills.”
~Leland Anderson, M.D., Washougal, WA

“In this seminar, I learned what it was like being a spiritual being having a human experience. Here I could focus on me with vocabulary to help me when I'm back in the real world. I have a sense of balance, a renewed faith in my worthiness.”
~Marcia Trujillio, Wife and Mother, Eugene, OR

“I was able to learn about myself without judgment or resentment in a safe atmosphere. I feel confident with the skills I learned to navigate my own deep waters. My Dad came to your NLP training in 1998 when I was 12 years old. My Dad's personality changed as a result - now I see the positive impact it had on him and growing up with him. Thank you.”
-Callyn Kirscher, Student, Eugene, OR

“The Aligned Self Seminar is exceptional. I learned to transform myself, get rid of excess baggage and travel with carry-on only.”
~Timi Jepsen, Nuclear Medicine, Central Point, OR

“The Aligned Self is a very detailed and gently-paced learning experience offered and presented by a highly-skilled and enormously entertaining presenter: Lindagail. There is so much to be gained on a personal level and techniques valuable on a professional level. The Core Transformation was my favorite, like coming home from a long voyage to a warm hearth and a loving and beloved companion. I feel fantastic!”
~Barry Russell, Business Owner, Encore Ceramics, Grants Pass, OR

"Lindagail is an amazing communicator and facilitator. Her style is comforting but knowledgeable and expert. She is stimulating and imparts a desire to learn and further explore both NLP and myself.”
~Tom Trezona, M.D., Eugene, OR

Lindagail, you are a gifted and dynamic teacher. Our family loves you. Your voice goes with us!”
~Shirli Anderson, Mother of 6, Washougal, WA

"I am very grateful for the knowledge I am receiving from my NLP Training. I am finding it is very helpful and personally fulfilling for me.”
-Jim Martichuski, Retired Veteran and Martial Artist, Salem, OR

"This work is deeply profound and yet gentle. I highly recommend it. Lindagail created such a safe, secure setting that I could reconnect with myself which promoted important new growth and deep awareness.”
~Ron Thompson, LCSW, Seattle, WA

The Aligned Self gave me a new perspective on how I handle conflict within a relationship. The perspective I gained allows for a clearer understanding without the burden of the other person's feelings. Lindagail, you are a beautiful presenter and teacher, such wonderful energy, enthusiasm, and compassion.”
~Katrina Vansooy, R.N., Portland, OR

"I believe in your gift as a Master Teacher and would like more people to know who you are. You are truly an artist in the way you deliver / communicate information to an audience. I am grateful for this time together.”
~Julez Weinberg, Filmmaker, Portland, OR

"This was refreshing! After too many trainings in over the past 25 years, and a stressful week, I was not looking forward to this, but thank goodness your brochure caught my eye. This was useful information, you are an exuberant presenter, and gracious good audience engagement. You touched my heart which has been encased in pain for quite a while. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself this weekend."
~Teri Beemer,
Counselor, Portland, OR

The Aligned Self is one of the quickest practices I know for getting to the truth about oneself. Perfection! Love your humor, Lindagail, and I admire you!"
~Carolyn Phillips, LCSW, Portland, OR

"This was a mystical experience and a spiritual journey, looking beyond being into one's own soul. Emotions, understanding beyond reason, and transformation. On a scale of 1 - 10, this was a 55."
~Keith Ironside, M.D., West Linn, OR

"This was transformational! Usually I am tired when a training is over, but I have energy at the end of this one. I appreciate the difference."
~Gloria Hendricks, Albany, OR

"This was productive, worth the time and money, I understand my core self better now and how to bring that to the table."
~Shanon Alexander, Beaverton, OR

"This seminar gave me more tools to use with my clients and a reminder for me personally of looking at things from a different perspective. Love your energy, humor, and lightness of presence."
~Nancy Mellor, LMHC, Sumner, WA

"This seminar is a process of problem-solving that provides a new point of view. It was very well put together. Great tools for my toolbox as an investigator dealing with all kinds of people. Thank you for what you do, Lindagail."
~Brian Gaunt, Detective, Oregon State Patrol, Beaverton, OR

This seminar was engaging with enlightening processes, fun loving, playful in approach, surprising and expansive results, leaving me with many things to think about. I felt feel free, supported, honored, and respected. Lindagail, I appreciate the presence of your team, they contributed to the circle of support."
~Stephanie Holmes, State of Oregon, Salem, OR

This seminar is life-changing! Loved the quotes and pictures."
~Karen Peavy,
Pasco, WA

"The Aligned Self is a way to get behind, beneath, and beyond my mental chatter beyond my deeply ingrained patterns. I found what can rise from within, and found it changed my approach to life the very next day. This was an opportunity to go within and listen beyond my mind, within my heart to parts long banished. Lindagail, I love your voice, your presence, your stories. Thank you."
~Paula Clark, Pasco, WA

"It was valuable for me to observe Lindagail's precise and sacred use of language to facilitate healing. I am deeply moved her skill and inspired to delve in deeper for healing for myself and others. I loved the whole seminar. The timeline piece is magical! Lindagail you are a sacred gift and amazing blessing to humanity. You rock!"
~Penney Stringle, Richland, WA

"This was a unique two days during which I was exposed to new tools for me to learn more about myself from different perspectives and get unstuck to move beyond old limitations."
~Tim Lynch, Kennewick, WA

"The Aligned Self is a fantastic introspective adventure in getting to the core of who you are. This is an invaluable tool for developing my emotional IQ and for developing my relationships with myself and the world around me."
~Troy Juntunen
, Pasco, WA

"This is amazing! I want more. It really is true: 'When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.' Thank you for helping me change my perspective. Lindagail, you are a bright spot in my life's journey. "
~Teri A. Gibson, Richland, WA

"The Aligned Self gave me a technique to gain a broader view of situations I've been trying to deal with ."
ason Nuñez, Deputy, Richland, WA

"This workshop went into detail on how to use 2 self-growth/treatment protocols using NLP techniques. The step-by-step demonstration was done before we applied the process to ourselves which was very helpful. It was valuable to go deeper and deeper inside to communicate with parts of myself."
~Naughne Boyd, Clinical Psychologist, Richland, WA

"The Aligned Self is a concrete, sequential, linear process for taking something as abstract as feelings and give them a shape and form in which to broaden perspectives and points of view...moving away from the story and toward a different way to come at the world. Lindagail, you are a gifted teacher."
~Michelle Whitney, Principal, McLaughlin Middle School, Pasco, WA

"The Aligned Self is great for sorting out personal issues. This is a clear process I will use. You ring true to me as a genuine teacher and helping person."
~Jim Peterson, L.P.C. and Retired Presbyterian Pastor, Portland, OR

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