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In Their Own Words:
From Participants and Assistants
NLP Personal Mastery Training

“As a result of this training, I develop rapport, connect, and communicate so much more easily with people. With my family, I am able to transform what would have been a huge drama in the past into a great outcome for all. With strangers or new people I meet, it is much easier to become part of the group or friends with an individual. I'm my old self again and more outgoing, like I was when very little. I have more confidence. Thank you.”
~Garth Lein, Feldenkrais Practitioner, Seattle, WA

“I learned a lot about myself and what I'm capable of. I appreciate your huge and generous heart.”
~Margaret Brost, Attorney, Olympia, WA

This training has helped me journey back from Iraq and shown me life is safe, that alone cannot be overstated. Thank you for my more exquisite and abundant life and for helping me more fully fulfill my mission of leaving this world and the people around me better than I found them. You have done that for me. I love and value you, Lindagail, and want to learn more from you.”
~Captain Sharel Paradis, Human Resources, US Army National Guard

“Having NLP in my tool-kit is assisting me to feel more confident and helping me take more risks. As a result of this training I am stepping into a facilitator role in Crossover. I am watching my language and practicing being a master communicator, inside and out. I have learned so much from you as I watch you to this work. I trust you completely and believe you are living in purpose. I love you and have you on my list of honored teachers. You are so many of the things I hope to be in my future self. I am so glad you are here, knowing what you know, and caring about me! Thank you, thank you.”
~Sherrie Frank, Vice President, Wings Seminars, Eugene, OR

“Thank you for your inspiration and insight. As a result of your NLP Training, I am changing, I'm more of a leader and stepping into a higher level in life, marriage, as a friend, and a son. I learned the past is past and I've forgiven myself and others. Thank you, Lindagail, for your heartfelt desire to lift people up.”
~Doug Burns, Business Owner, Burns Upholstery, Eagle Point, OR

“In NLP training, I have grown far beyond my expectations. I have overcome limitations that wouldn't have let me do things like speak in front of groups and perform a wedding ceremony. I'm amazed how well the phobia/trauma relief process worked. I'm a better listener with all my senses working together. I have a new sense of curiosity about myself and continue to discover new things about myself. Thank you, Lindagail.”
-Jenny Rose, NLP Coach and Presenter, Coos Bay, OR

“As a result of this training I have more freedom, am happier, and more confident. Lindagail, thank you for your professionalism, high standards, ethics, and kindness. Thank you for being flexible and open. Thank you for your amazing ability to read me so very well, (truly, truly impressive) your ability to understand me in ways that it seems most people cannot, truly enhanced my personal experience of NLP. Thank you for focusing on the good. Thank you for being the kind of facilitator who truly lives what she teaches and presents. Thank you for being so aligned with your beliefs. When I facilitate, I will think of you and the modeling you provided for me in NLP Training."”
~Andrea Zittleman, Presenter and Facilitator, Portland, OR

"Lindagail, I continue to be SO impressed with your breadth of training experience, skill, articulation, knowledge, versatility with various styles/personalities/types of people. You model NLP beautifully. I am grateful for choosing this training."
~Laura Rains, LCSW and Trainer, Eugene, OR

“I met and exceeded my outcomes for this training. As a result of what I learned, I have made adjustments in my communication with friends, co-workers, and customers. I am a better listener and I pay more attention to the response of what I say instead of what I meant to say. Outcomes have become incorporated into my thinking. I speak more encouragingly and supportively to myself. I love the stories! Lindagail, your ability to lead, hold space, and captivate an audience is a gem. Your enthusiasm is contagious and inspiring. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have met you and experience this well-guided training. Thank you. I feel a great deal of gratitude and respect for you.”
~Cynthia Neeley, Executive Assistant, Munro Marketing Services,
Ashland, OR

“Lindagail, I love your fun and enthusiasm for the valuable work of NLP. I am a better listener as a result of this training, and I ask much better questions. I am creating my life just the way I want it. I can speak in front of others and hear what I'm saying. Thank you for all the great stories you told us!”
~Amy Trezona, R.N. and NLP Coach, Eugene, OR

"Thank you for the time, energy, and thoughtfulness you've shown me over the years, all the many ways you've helped me grow stronger as a trainer, parent, wife, human."
~Joan Resnick, Owner, Real Life Training Group, Portland, OR

“I learned how important rapport is to being heard. Now I know HOW. Hearing your stories inspired me. I want to participate in more of what you offer. Thank you for the difference you make, Lindagail.”
~Guy Santiago, River Guide and Wings Facilitator, Springfield, OR

“I am grateful to have had this opportunity to learn from you.”
~Joe Childers, Salmon Fisherman, Olympia, WA

“As a result of this training I feel more comfortable in taking risks and meeting new people. I feel more confident in teaching and presenting.”
~Marie Eken, 6th grade teacher, Yakima, WA

“I'm really grateful for this training! I look forwrad to learning more."
~Tanya Thompson, Trainer, Portland, OR

“Lindagail, you are amazing and the brightest shining light I have ever had the pleasure to learn from. Thank you for allowing me to be one of your assistants. It has been a wonderful experience.”
~Nichole Rausch, Sales, Revolabs, Enumclaw, WA

“I think everyone should take NLP Training. I have exceeded my outcomes for this training. I came seeking education and insight and now have an increased awareness of myself and my customers, family, and friends. The tools here have left room for further education and discovery, which is exciting. I learned “it all matters.” I have increased my willingness to be flexible. I listen to people better, focus on all the positive intentions of actions of people around me to soften my actions and somewhat judging reactions. I am integrating NLP skills into my work environment for better results and to have more control in my daily activities. Thank you for your time, dedication to our class, and continued thoughtfulness in all you do. You are an amazing example of personal development and leadership.”
~Valerie Meyer, Medical Sales, West Linn, OR

“As a result of the training, I gained self-confidence, courage, wisdom, respect, and had fun. I started singing with my band, learned to negotiate and facilitate important conversations, learned how to change my impulse to be “hooked” by body language and have more choices at work. Not a week goes by that someone doesn't ask me with interest about what I've been learning and I tell them about your training.”
~Jeff Woodruff, Redhawk Network Engineering, Bend, OR

“Lindagail, thank you this training and for allowing me to be myself: inquisitive, open, and forth-coming. I'm using what I've learned personally and professionally, the Veterans deserve this.”
~Quinn Arrington, Counselor, Veterans Administration, White City, OR

“As a result this training, I'm keeping more balanced with my life and my work, making better choices in taking care of myself, am more aware of my whole body, sold my house, and I'm more willing to take on the identity of leader and teacher. I deeply appreciate the opportunity to lead the assisting team this year. I will miss these weekends.”
~Liz Towill, Integrated Health Specialist, Community Health Center,
Portland, OR

"I met my outcomes for this training. I have implemented strategies for handling difficult people and nurture the relationships I value. I'm more flexible to options and ideas that others present. I am more productive and get better results at work. I can modify my height variance when meeting with others to make them more comfortable. I'm a better listener and chunk up /down to elicit objections and hot buttons. I can recognize calibrated loops and change if necessary, pace, lead, and backtrack. Your stories throughout the class are great! This NLP Training has helped my wife and I tremendously as we deal with family members and our own personal lives.”
~Jeremy Meyer, Medical Sales, West Linn, OR

“As you can verify with important people in my life, as a result of this training, I've begun to successfully limit my old pattern of giving unsolicited advise. Not only do I have more self-respect and esteem because of this, I see others through the lens of wholeness. I realized about 3 - 4 months ago I was feeling and acting from a place of simultaneous gentle regard and empowered certainty more and more often in my interactions and relationships with others. I love the way you do everything “new” and what I mean by this is that I see pure presence and crystal awareness emanating from you. Thank you!”
~Kristina Porter, Munro Marketing, Ashland, OR

“I met and exceeded my expectations for assisting in NLP Training. As a result I can see from all three perspectives, (self, other, and observer) which allows for a well thought-out outcome to all things. No more hasty decisions.”
~Kelly Lambert, Occupational Therapist, Amy's Kitchen, Eagle Point, OR

“I have a growing awareness of the words I use/choose and their impact.”
~Collyn Arnold, Klamath Falls, OR

“As an assistant in this training, I got a deeper understanding of the NLP processes and what more I can do to get where I want to go. I now confidently make decisions for my family based on what I know is good for us and stand by those decisions ready to be responsible for the outcome. Thank you, Teacher.”
~José Reyes, Industrial Supervisor, Redmond, OR

“Blessings on your distinctive talents and energy, Lindagail. You are exemplifying how to realize your own dreams.”
~Lorna Forbes, LCSW, Providence Medical Center, Medford, OR

“I stayed six days with my son and his wife and there is no way I could have done that without this training. I learned to see and trust my husband. I had a great conversation with my sister. I changed the way I speak and can see my future. I learned to wait before jumping into a conversation with people. I learned to wait to see if they were ready to receive my communication. I learned that I have choices: without choice, I am only left with my compulsions. I have been encouraging my California friends to drive or fly to Portland or Washington to take your course because it will change their life. I so appreciate your non-judgmental and respectful teaching style. I truly learned watching you model the process and the way you engaged us to think. Thank you, Lindagail.”
~Diane Burns, Bookeeper, Medford, OR


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