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From Participants in Lindagail's Trainer Training

“This excellent course instills skills, confidence, and dynamic improvement in designing, preparing, and giving presentations. I gained confidence, new beliefs, guidelines to change perfection into growth. I learned to trust myself and to change the idea that a presentation is something to be “done” to using presentations to grow, connect, and help others to do the same. Lindagail, your love of giving presentations shines through this course.”
~ Sondra Kornblatt, Seattle, WA, Author


"I learned to do my best, to make my best better, and to repeat those first two steps. This training provides a safe and supportive environment to develop new skills. Learning / teaching is accomplished through a wide variety of activities: reading, listening, small group interaction, positive feedback, modeling. . . Talk about being vulnerable, you willingly tip your hand to us all the time.” Lindagail, your loving and thoughtful way of presenting information and helping us down this path of discovery is BEAUTIFUL! This class was magnificent and fantabulous."
~ Carol Smedley, Vancouver, WA, Presenter, U.S. Lands


“Lindagail delivers world class coaching and training on presenting while gifting each participant with the tools to continually improve. She teaches through example and a tried and true system that produces consistent remarkable results. I have gained more than I could even have imagined through this course. I feel empowered to continually improve my preparation through Lindagail’s clear 10-step process. I feel encouraged through these easy to follow steps. I believe these are invaluable to me in all areas of my life: my marriage, communicating with prospects, and business partners. I have a better understanding of the power of gestures and am growing towards conscious competence. This training far surpassed my greatest expectations. I only recommend taking this course if you want to experience great improvement and growth in all areas of your life.”
~ David Acord, Dublin, CA, Top-Tier Equestrian and Entrepreneur


“This course is excellent. It is a seamless experience to learn presentation skills, a safe and respectful environment that nurtures what you bring into the ability to do much improved presentations. This is useful for someone with no prior experience and for experienced presenters. I gained new techniques and a process that is re-useable in other ways. I was in a rocky place this week and this course was a safe haven for me to focus, explore, and learn new skills. This is much appreciated.”
~ Jacqui Alpert, Seattle, WA, Professional Trainer and Coach


“Lindagail teaches how to design and give great presentations. This class offers people a chance for one-on-one coaching, focusing on what you do well and for hearing possible refinements. I gained advanced skills about what do to when someone in the audience distracts the attention away from the speaker and how to pay attention to where my audience is placing their attention. This is some of Lindagail’s very best teaching. I highly recommend this class. When I first took this class 2 years ago while working in audio/visual sales, it helped me immediately increase my sales and my income.”
~ Nikki Rausch, Puyallup, WA, Events Director, NLP Pacific


“If you want to make a difference and improve your presentations...take this course!”
~ Tommy Dault, Seattle, WA, Investor and Philanthropist


“I gained confidence that I can do public speaking. The Key Overriding Message is a jewel. I learned this is a science and an art. The way the class is taught is engaging and the time flies by. The content is rich and immediately useful. This training can serve both the experienced presenter and the beginner; it is a safe, fun, and supportive learning environment. I know now how to improve my speaking skills. Lindagail is an effective and amazing teacher…an inspiration.”
~ Cheryl Clark, Vancouver, WA, Engineer and Manager, Federal Agency


“This class isexcellent. Take it! It’s a great way to understand the mechanics of presenting and a safe place to practice, learn, and grow. Thank you, Lindagail, for starting on time, encouraging us to step out, using humor, offering us many resources, and putting in the 50 days of time preparing for us. We appreciate your belief in us and hope we can return the favor by helping hundreds and thousands of people in your honor.”
~ Jennifer Acord, Dublin, CA, Business Owner and Presenter


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