Recommended NLP Books and CDs


Neuro-Linguistic Programming for Dummies
Romilla Roddy and Kate Burton
Clear and easy to read, packed with useful information and practical applications

Heart of the Mind: Engaging Your Inner Power to Change With Neuro-Linguistic Programming
21 specific processes for using NLP to make positive changes
Connirae and Steve Andreas

The Really Good Fun Cartoon Book of NLP: A Simple and Graphic(al) Explanation of the Life Toolbox That Is NLP
An easy and enjoyable read with humorous cartoon illustrations

Introducing Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Joseph O'Conner and John Seymour
Excellent introductions and overview of NLP

NLP: The New Technology of Achievement (Book)
Well written with many exercises

NLP: The New Technology of Achievement, (6 CD Set)


NLP and Relationships
Joseph O'Connor
Strategies for making relationships work

At Work:

Influencing with Integrity: Management Skills for Communication and Negotiation
Genie LaBorde

NLP at Work: People Skills for Professionals
Sue Knight
Recommended for those who work in a business environment


The NLP Coach: A Comprehensive Guide to Personal Well-Being & Professional Success
Ian McDermott and Wendy Jago

Coaching with NLP: How to Be a Master Coach
O'Connor Joseph


NLP for Teachers: How to Be a Highly Effective Teacher
Rodger Terry
Practical tools for enhancing your interpersonal effectiveness and classroom delivery.

Righting the Educational Conveyor Belt
Michael Grinder
NLP in education, tools for educators


Changing With NLP: A Casebook of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Medical Practice
Lewis Walker


Beliefs: Pathways to Health and Well-being
Robert Dilts, Tim Hallbom and Suzi Smith
Identifying and remodeling limiting beliefs to create profound personal change

Influencing with Language:

Words That Change Minds: Mastering the Language of Influence
Shelle Rose Charvet
Language for reaching particular kinds of people. Useful in sales, negotiation, motivation and deciding who to hire for a particular job.



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